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Pragyan Maharaj Lecture 2

 I feel that, Honesty is not merely about speaking the truth, its more about the ability to see or perceive the truth, about yourself and about others, before you choose to speak it. And to be able to see the truth, you need to drop your prejudices, your  coloured glasses through which you look at yourself and the world at large. And to be able to drop your prejudices, you need to identify them as wrong and as obstacles and which requires *humility*.  You need to face and accept the fact of your ignorance, your weakness, your failures and your vices alongwith your goodness and successes and virtues. You have to own up both positive and negative aspects of your personality.  And when you do all this, you have to also drop the expectations that the world is gonna go mad and fall in love with you for being so honest etc. No. Contrary to it, they will hate you for your honesty and authenticity, because your truth makes them aware of their own falsehood, your honesty and authenticity makes

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